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Right Personality + Right Profession = Successful Future

Right Personality + Right Profession = Successful Future

‘Shweta, a 20 year old, had great aspirations for herself like any other person of her age. She wanted to pursue an MBA in Marketing because it was the most popular career and also because her friends often told her that she is very good at convincing others. Shweta completed her graduation and gained admission into MBA. She successfully completed the two year full-time course with a specialization in Marketing & got into a job. Initially Shweta felt a sense of achievement since she had finally got into the field of her own choice. Six months passed by. Now slowly a feeling of inability to handle the stress of the job started pouring in. The reason being, her job profile included aspects that she had never expected she would ever have to go through, for instance, her job included not just visiting MNCs, but also rural areas, continuous travelling, frequent out-station trips, pressure to meet deadlines, and so on…finally leading to the “I quit” decision.’

This is no unusual or unfamiliar situation to any of us. In fact, many of us might currently be part of a similar situation but probably wouldn’t want to admit, the reason being fear of different factors like parental pressure, societal image, etc. But have we ever given a thought to the factors leading us to such situations.

Lets face it…’nothing just happens’. There is probably ignorance on our part to some of the most important aspects that need to be considered much before entering a particular stream, for instance, the extent of your abilities, your level of intelligence, and most of all the kind of person you are, i.e. your personality, which is one of the most crucial dimensions to be well thought about.

Personality is not just your height, weight, looks, etc. This only refers to your surface personality. What about your hidden qualities that do not or rather very rarely surface? Something like the extent to which you can handle your emotions, face daily life situations, social behavioural aspects like mixing up in a crowd, talking mannerisms, observation skills, stress tolerance, etc.

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