B For Backup

B For Backup


We hear regularly about the rise in competition, the increasing number of applicants, and the limited number of seats, which is making today’s student life chaotic.

The studies and hard work that students put up last at least two to three years. The entire family prepares for the career, not just in terms of the student; but in terms of giving up on fun, social functions, and leading a disciplined life.

From hopes, expectations, and dreams – everything is at stake. The sleepless nights, nightmares of results, and finally when the results come out – a few rejoice, many are in despair while still others are in a state of shock.

It is crucial at this moment that despite your determination and single-minded efforts to achieve the goal, it is missed. Some students do not clear the exam or are offered a seat in a college that is not of their choice or in a specialization that they don’t want – the reasons can vary – this leads to the big question of what next? What should I do now? No other options were considered; hence there is a lack of information.

There is even a lack of mental and emotional preparation to accept the shock of not being able to pursue what s/he wants. Year after year we meet such students who go through this phase.

Some come out comfortably while many struggle to mend their ways. So, if you are currently appearing for boards and have decided on a career – our recommendation would be to have a backup plan.

Explore all the possibilities; be flexible in your attitude and liking. If unfortunately, your repeated attempts with dedication and hard work have failed in translating the success – don’t get hurt or depressed. Please find out the cause of the failure and try for it. But in case you fail to make it, don’t hesitate to consider another optional career.

Most look at a backup plan as the second option or no option, but the reality is if you have evaluated all the options and yourself, then your backup plan or plan B will still be your choice! It’s like carrying two extra sets of stationary during exams. If one breaks you don’t panic, simply remove the next set, and continue. Similarly, your career can also have a backup plan and realize the success you dreamt of.

There are many options available at the UG /PG level, probably outside your hometown, be prepared to explore them as well. Do not lose hope or give up easily. Pick up the reigns from where they are and carve a new path to success.

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